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Phone: 03 355 0318

Address: 186 Papanui Road, Christchurch
Phone: 03 355 0318

Barbershop Merivale Christchurch

Barbershop Merivale Christchurch, Man Up Barbershop are fuelled by knowledge and a passion for hair artistry. Our mission is to offer the full scope of hair services for any age, vocation, or occasion. Our stylists are practical and inventive and as conservative or bold as your look demands. We’re barbers by trade and creators by nature, and we know our stuff. We’ll also tell you straight up if the image you want will work for your hair – and your lifestyle.

The way you wear your hair reflects who you are and how you feel about yourself. But maintaining that image can sometimes seem like just another job. Ticking “haircut” off your list of ‘to-dos’ is our job, and once you’re here, you’ll find everything becomes pretty laid back. Our consultation process is easy-breezy, and we’ll tailor your needs into a look that serves you well. If you’re in for a style transformation, we’ll collaborate to work out the best path to get there.

We’re also all about making kids and teens feel good and look sharp. For young ‘legends in the making’ who want to make an image statement, now’s your chance. And for Christchurch’s many business professionals, we know what you need to keep you feeling confident and walking your talk. We’ll deliver that without you saying a word. It’s implicit.

We love to banter and have a joke with our golden oldies, too. You guys might be surprised at how exciting it is to push the boundaries and explore a style or colour you’ve never considered before. Flash your Gold Card and let the good times roll!

Opening Hours:
Monday:  9am – 6pm  Tuesday: 9am – 6 pm   Wednesday Closed  

Thursday: 9am – 7pm  Friday: 9am – 6pm Saturday:  9am-2pm

(Hours are subject to change)

Phone: 03 355 0318