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Clipper Cut from $40

Clipper Cuts Barbershop Christchurch the Man Up service is both an art and a science. This advanced haircut involves zero-gapping, a gradual blend to the top, straight razor shaving around the edges, and an artist’s patience. Electric hair clippers work with two sets of small, sharpened blades that oscillate between each other, cutting hair quickly and effectively. The key is to use cutting blades that vary in angle and size.

Our Man Up Barbershop experts use two different clipper blades in order to create a short, military-style cut all over, or one that is fuller on top and seamlessly graduating (fading) to a universal buzzcut at the sides, which can be at varying lengths from a zero to a number eight.

The clipper tool is one of the most evolved cutting devices available today. American engineering whizz Leo J. Wahl developed the first practical clipper with the drive motor hand-held about a hundred years ago. By the end of 1920, Wahl Manufacturing Company had sold thousands of patented clippers to barbers all over the United States. After Leo Wahl’s death in 1957, the company went on to manufacture electric razors, shavers, battery-operated nose hair trimmers and clippers, and curling irons. 

Wahl Manufacturing became an industry leader in consumer personal care appliances and products for private use and the professional beauty and barber salon trade – a position of status still recognised today.

Man Up Barbershop are experts in wielding the clipper to create a clean, tight, timeless cut that looks good on almost any man. See us for your buzz, crew, temple fade, undercut, Caesar, high and tight, brush, or flat top cut – we are proficient in them all.

Clipper Cuts Man Up Barbershop Christchurch 

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