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Address: 186 Papanui Road, Christchurch
Phone: 03 355 0318

Kids and Teens up to 18 years $55

Kids & Teens Haircuts Christchurch are high priority clients for Man Up Barbershop. We look at them as ‘young legends in the making’ who deserve to step out in life with a hairstyle that’ll boost confidence and give a good sense of self right from the early years.

Spurred by the coolest trends on the planet, now’s the time for you young dudes to come in and tell us what resonates with your kind of individuality. You can show us your favourite Instagram pic or YouTuber personality as inspiration, and you don’t need to say a lot. Man Up Barbershop are pretty perceptive when it comes to interpreting what good hair means to you; just let us do it.

Our salon is your special place and can turn a bad day into the best time – free from distraction, judgment, and criticism. We won’t dictate, and we certainly won’t talk down to you. You guys deserve all respect and we’re here to make you look sharp.

Man Up Barbershop will look at your angles first. Don’t be freaked out – it’s just to get the right cut for the shape of your head. Then we’ll talk length; buzzcut and short all over; or a fade with graduating side lengths; a crew cut with super short sides and long on top; a crop with short sides and fuller on top – why not add a matte product from our range and push it forward to create a voluminous, textured look!

It’s all about raising your game to next level hip. We’ll cut or clipper your hair and define your look, and before you know it, you’ll be walking out the door feeling fantastic. We’ll also encourage you to embrace your longer hair. Fringes for guys are still very now, but if you’re not keen on that swept-over look, try keeping heaps of hair on top and tapering the sides down. Best of both worlds right there. Looks awesome.

Kids & Teens Haircuts Christchurch

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Phone: 03 355 0318

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